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    It was an exceptionally pleasant experience working with Jason. Communication was always open, and he took care to see to every detail. 
    -Charles & Sandra W. 

    We could not have found a better person to work with! You have an easy way of working with people - you took time and made us feel important, like we really mattered. You were always on the other end of the telephone. We will certainly send a referral if we hear of someone. Thank you very much!
    -Don & Norma

    You are very competent and knowledgeable. You did a very good job - you went beyond expectations. 
    -Thanks Dan

    What we liked best about working with you was your good communication, honesty, and how you were hardworking. Thanks for everything Jason! We enjoyed working with you!
    -Jay & Kresi L.

    The willingness Jason had to help us stands out most in my mind, and his ability to take us to as many homes as necessary. Great service! 
    -Stephen R. 

    The sale went faster than expected, and the ease with which it was handled stands out to us. Beth's service was excellent, we don't think she can improve on that! The sale and closing went exactly as Beth said it would.
    -E. Lyons

    We felt like we could leave any problems with Polly and they would be taken care of. Our real estate transaction was a pleasant experience.
    -Susan & Bill M.

    We trusted Ben because when he arrived to show us the property, we realized that he knew my dad. Ben was excellent with negotiations, personable, always willing to discuss any issues with us and happy to help us through the process. 
    -Sarah N. & Eric B.

    Sue Cramer represented us when we bought our property in Spearfish in 2007, and when our plans changed she represented us in the sale of our property this year. Sue was diligent and dedicated, even when the market lost steam... she hung in there with us through thick and thin. Thanks a million, Sue. You're the best and we would definitely recommend you to others! 
    -Jim & Julie C.

    I've known Polly and her husband for several years. Everything was done professionally and in a timely manner. I feel like I've gained a friend!
    -Denny D.

    Thanks for helping us find our home! 
    You were incredibly personable and went above and beyond to get us a home on a short time frame! Everything happened very quickly, and even though we had never bought a house before it was fairly void of stress because you were so knowledgeable! You made sure we found a house that fit our needs and met our expectations! Thank you for being a wonderful realtor! We will definitely pass your information on to anyone we know who is looking to purchase a home!
    -Adam & Amanda B.

    Thank you for helping us get the house sold so quickly. We really appreciate all you did!
    -Bob & Laura

    What we liked best about working with Jason is his ease of communicating, explaining real estate terms, and his patience. We have already referred him to our friends and family!
    -Kelley & Rhonda L.

    Looking back on my transaction, the call that said "It's SOLD!" is what stands out the most in my mind. Your enthusiasm and ability to get results is what I liked best about working with you. I was particularly impressed with the length of time it took for you to sell my house! Your encouragement, as the process developed, was a plus. I am pleased with your work.

    I found Sue online and she looked honesty and trustworthy - Sue made the real estate transaction easy!
    -Kevin W.

    We chose to work with Kari because she is awesome!
    -Rodney & Jessica S.

    What I liked best about working with Beth is her promptness and communication. Another thing that stands out to me the real estate transaction is her thoroughness.
    -T. Buczek

    I liked how quick and easy buying was, and how fast we were in our new home! 
    -Nadine A. 

    Thank you, Kim Hamilton, for all of your hard work! We finally made it to closing and know that we couldn't have done it without you! So appreciate your willingness to go above and beyond!
    -M. Haught

    Been working with Sue since 1996. Sue went the extra mile - condo Sold in 2 days even in the middle of winter, Wow! What stands out to me most about this real estate transaction is Sue's personal interest, her stopping by to have papers signed, and the deposit of funds upon closing when I was out of town. Great job Sue!
    -G. Walters

    Jason took the initiative to contact us after we put our home up for sale ourselves. We liked that. Jason kept us up to date on everything. He was very personable.
    -Charles B. & Connie P.

    Thank you for all your hard work in the purchase of our new home in Custer!
    -Jim & Dani

    Thanks for everything! We appreciate you and all your work!
    -Larry & Mary

    It was a pleasure working with Jason. The problems that did come up during our sale/purchase, Jason handled them to our satisfaction! What we liked best about working with Jason was his straightforwardness and honesty.
    -Aaron & Christine G.

    Sue Cramer and the Real Estate Center have handled our real estate needs at the Frawley Estates and Elkhorn Estates. We are very satisfied with her professionalism, marketing and especially the results. Even in the difficult housing market and recession, the Real Estate Center has performed above expectations.
    -Daryll Propp

    What I liked best about working with you is that you were easy to talk to and you answered all my questions earnestly. Looking back on the transaction, a couple things that stood out to me was the help I received from you on whom to contact regarding having the house cleaned, and the amount of money I saved was much appreciated.
    -Mike P.

    Polly was a pleasure to work with! We liked everything about working with her, but what stands out to us the most is getting our home sold in the time frame needed. Thanks for making our very stressful situation go as smoothly as possible!
    -Olan & Jayme

    This transaction took way longer than hoped, but you continued to work with me through the whole process. Thanks!
    -Ron U.

    Thank you for showing us this property. We love it here, plus you are an all around great person to do business with. I would highly recommend you to anyone! Your professionalism and care made us feel very comfortable. You welcomed us, answered all our questions, and we felt "at home" in your office! Thank you for all you did for us! You are #1!
    -Marla K.

    Fast service, and no pressure. Jason did an excellent job. -Brent H. 

    Polly was more than wonderful to me and my family. I really believe we could not have done this without her! Polly didn't push, she was always there and I appreciated her calm nature and whit!
    -Sonja J.

    What I liked best about working with you is that you were always in contact. Looking back on the transaction, what stands out most in my mind is the amount of advertising you did to sell my property.
    -Fern B.

    Jason would be my pick if I was 
    going to list or look for house. I felt very comfortable discussing business with him. Jason was very helpful when I asked questions, and he was always sure to find the answers when he didn't know. Jason was open, honest and always available when I called, or got back to me as soon as he could.
    -Betty B. & Elizabeth S.

    Rod and I want to thank you for all your help and patience when we were looking for a new home. Thanks again for everything.
    -Rod & Valli

    Thanks for a great experience!
    -Roger W.

    Thank you so much for answering all my questions and assisting with the purchase of my first home. I so much appreciate your willingness to have the stove removed from the home and for making arrangements for the repairs. 
    It makes it difficult for me to get things done, living a distance from Spearfish and having limited time in the country. Thanks again. 
    -Emi Lou E.

    Thank you for help and honesty. It was awesome working with you again. Thank you!!! We selected you as our Realtor because you seemed nice, straight forward and honest. The ability to contact you at any time is what we like best about working with you. Thank you. 
    -Brett & Lindsay S.

    What I liked best about working with you is that you were easy to talk with. Looking back on the transaction, what stands out to me the most is how quickly the house sold. I would recommend you to a friend or relative.
    -Richard S.

    What we liked best about working with you is there was no pressure, you were always available, you answered all questions and you were easy to deal with. 
    -Jack & MaryAnn S.

    You were easy to get a hold of and very patient! What stands out to us the most is how fast you SOLD our house. Thank you for answering all the phone calls and all the questions!
    -Sue & Pat

    I want to thank you for all you did to help me find the perfect home!

    You were easy to contact and returned our calls immediately. Looking back on our transaction, what stands out most in our mind was that we ended up purchasing something totally different than what we thought we wanted. We were satisfied with the service provided and would recommend you to a friend or relative who is considering buying or selling a home. Thank you for the gift card!!
    -John & Lin C.

    What I liked best about working with you is your friendly demeaner. I would recommend Jason to any friend or relative looking to buy or sell.
    -Donna S.

    I appreciate that the transaction went just as I was told it would go, and what stands out to me most is your honesty. I would definitely recommend you to family and friends in the future!
    -Steve A.

    What I liked best about working with you was your good communication. What stands out to me most about the transaction is that you helped me get the contract right.
    -Doug C.

    Loved Jason - he kept me VERY INFORMED. He did extra research (without my asking, but it was needed) and was VERY PLEASANT to work with!! Some of the things I liked best about Jason: friendliness, enthusiasm, well informed, flexible, fun, NO PRESSURE, was on my side.

    Lori did a wonderful job from start to finish! She was very friendly, on top of things and was quick to respond to missed phone calls. Looking back on the transaction, what stands out to me the most is how quickly and easily my home sold - in just one week!
    -T. Brown 

    Jason, you did a great job. You were very honest and straight forward, and practiced good communication. What stands out to us the most is how quickly our house sold.

    Sue showed care and concern for everyone who was involved in the transaction. The personal contacts you provided made a hard thing easier.
    Thank you Sue.
    -J. Walters

    I would recommend Ryan and John to my family and friends. The quality of the Real Estate Center of Spearfish's service is much higher than other Real Estate offices. 
    -Greg L.

    What we liked best about working with you was your fast response to our questions. We would use you again as our Realtor.
    -Bryce & Jennifer P.

    Jason was very friendly, easy to talk to, and very knowledgeable about the local area. He stuck with us despite several setbacks.

    Jason was very professional, kept us completely informed, and was very honest. The speed in which we got the transaction done, and the way that we could entrust everything to you, was what stood out to us the most.  
    - R & J Anderson

    I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the quality service provided by your Broker Associate, Kim Hamilton. As you may be aware, we had a difficult home buying process that spanned the last 8 months and are absolutely positive that we could not have purchased our dream home without her. I am not sure I can express in words the gratitude we feel towards Mrs. Hamilton's willingness to go out of her way, work late, think outside of the box and advocate for us to get to closing. She maintained a positive, professional and encouraging attitude throughout the process. She worked late hours to meet deadlines and often times did the work of both buying and selling agent without regard to compensation. She is clearly an expertise in the industry and an asset to your team. We will recommend her services to everyone we know.
    -C. & M. Haught

    We chose to work with Polly because we heard lots of positive things about her. We liked how fast Polly was at responding to questions. We didn't have to worry about things - with other companies it always felt like we had to keep the ball rolling.
    -Andy & Jamie V.

    I chose to work with Sue because she handled other properties for us and I was happy with her and her services. I am satisfied with the help I was always able to receive from Sue.
    -Ramona S.

    What I liked best about working with Kari was her courtesy, promptness, and the coffee!
    -Beth W.

    We chose to work with Sue because of her good reputation. She kept us informed for the entire 3 year process, with patience displayed at all times. Sue explained the bank process and we felt she helped the bank through the closing. She called right after closing to congratulate us!
    -Scott & Stacy D.

    We chose to work with Kari again because we were very happy with her when she sold our previous home. She's knowledgeable, hard-working, and very easy to get along with too. It was very enjoyable working with Kari.
    -Thomas & Carol E.

    What we liked best about working Sue was her personality and knowledge.
    -Millard G.

    We found Sue on - she very helpful, even with a long distance transaction. Sue was willing to go over and above expectations to help us!
    -Russ & Jan N.

    Beth helped us buy the home 2 years ago and did a great job. We were please with how quickly the home sold this time around! Beth is a very friendly person, and we really enjoyed working with her both times.
    -Patricia & Kelly V.

    I worked with Kari because she sold me the house. Kari was friendly and knowledgable.
    -Laura S.

    I chose to work with Jason because he's a great guy!
    Ken D.

    Jason was always accessible via cell phone!
    -Leslie B.

    Beth was really helpful and went above and beyond.
    -Larry N.

    Beth is honest, to-the-point, and a hard worker. I have been very pleased with all my transactions with Beth and the Real Estate Center. I appreciate how I can always count on Beth for her honest opinions and speedy replies to all my questions. She has become a good friend. I would highly recommend her to family and friends.
    -Shawn H.

    Beth went the extra mile to get the sale through!
    -Doug & Betty S.

    Everything was done smoothly and on-time.
    -Todd A.

    We liked the professionalism of the company. Everyone was so friendly and willing to help. Beth was honest and upfront about how the process would work. We felt at ease working with her. Beth knew what we wanted and jumped on the first opportunity to find us something. She was so knowledgeable and gave us great advice.
    Kirk & Jennifer H.

    What we liked best about working with Sue was her prompt answers to questions, and she was very polite and efficient! It was a very clean - fast deal!
    -Becky T.

    Kari sold us our last and present home. She offered prompt attention to our needs - we truly had trust in our agent!
    -Linda L.

    What stands out most in our minds is all the many emails and visits, and how Ryan never seemed to feel like we were being a pain! He was so willing to help us find a home. We felt like we could ask anything, no matter how "silly" we thought the questions were.
    -Jeff & Brooke C.

    We chose to work with Mitch because he's the best! Mitch was very professional and made the process fun at the same time.
    -Cynthia S. & Curt I.

    Ryan was recommended to us by a friend. He was friendly and kept us up-to-date on all transactions. We felt Ryan did an excellent job selling our property.
    Norm & Sally C.

    I chose to work with Sue because of past experience and she is well known. She is professional, a good communicator, gave updates and has great knowledge of the Northern Hills Market.
    -Ted S.

    Jason is very personable and easily answered all our questions. He did not try to pressure us into buying a home.
    Jeff & Kelly C.

    What we liked best about working with Jason was his great communication and timely responses. Jason was very professional.
    -Kayla C. & Keighton H.

    Polly had excellent communication and follow-up. What stands out most to us about our transactions is Polly's attitude and the fact that she was very friendly.
    -Duane T.

    Polly always kept on top of everything.
    -Eric & Holly B.

    Kari is an excellent listener and willing to address questions in a timely manner. Kari's responsiveness and personal committment to serving my needs and expectations was exceptional. Everything was perfect - Kari is outstanding!

    Jason Richards was outstanding to work with!
    Martha A.

    Beth had no timeline and we never felt rushed in our search for a property for over a year. She was thorough in paperwork handling and follow-up after closing.
    -Kimberly B. & Dwight A.

    The entire experience was positive. Kade did a great job of handling all facets of the transaction and was very professional and courteous. The house sold very quickly - which was a surprise - and helped us out tremendously. Throughout the process Kade worked through the bumps and kept a positive attitude which provided a level of comfort we needed during the process.
    -Merida S.

    What stands out to us most about our real estate transaction is the personal care that we were given. Beth gave us the time to consider and view multiple properties.
    -Rod & Belva S.

    With us living out of the area, Kade handled a lot of the things we were unable to because of distance. Kade worked hard, handled everything very well and was very attentive to our needs and the properties we were interested in.
    -Luke & Spring W.

    The thing that stands out to us most about our transaction is Kade's regular communication, friendliness, knowledge and outstanding customer service.

    The ease of talking to Sue and her knowledge of the Black Hills area we choose to look at, are a few reasons why we chose to work with Sue. Everything was handled professionally.
    -Gale S.

    Beth is a trusted, long-time partner with BHSU. She was very patient and worked with us. I really appreciated Beth running the show, she handled everything.
    -John K.

    What stands out most in my mind is that Kari was a very helpful Agent.
    -Jeff L.

    We chose to work with Beth because she is a friend and sold us the house originally. We lived in another state during the process and Beth made everything so simple!! What stands out most in our minds is the willingness of Beth to do what needed to be done to close the sale. She is awesome!!

    We chose to work with Beth because of our previous selling and buying experiences with her. Everyone was pleasant and always willing to help.

    What I liked best about working with Beth was the fact that she was very helpful.
    -Darlene M.

    It is nice to deal with people who are straight up and honest. Sue handled things without pestering me. Hands off and carefree transaction. Easy for me.
    -Bryan L.

    Pattie continued to follow up with me when out of town. Her preparation and detail stands out most in my mind!
    -Angie N.

    Everything was handled great. Ben was very professional.
    -Doug V.

    What we liked best about working with Sue was her professionalism, attentiveness, communication, knowledge, and truthfulness/openness regarding the market and properties. Meetings with Sue were positive and left us very comfortable with her.
    -Darwin & Sue K.

    My sons recommended Kari. We were treated very great. We were impressed with the short time it took her to sell our house!
    Diane H.

    What I liked best about working with Jason was his sense of urgency and the ability to contact him easily and quickly.

    Sue is friendly and helpful personality. She answered all our questions and really tried to get us what we wanted for a land purchase. Everything seemed to fall in place so easily.
    -Rod & Connie E.

    Jason is knowledgeable and trustworthy. What stands out most in my mind is the extra thought Jason put into selling our house and his availability.
    -Johanna N.

    We heard very good things about Jason and that's why we chose him. We both felt very comfortable about our purcahse after all the information Jason gave us and all the time he spent making sure we understood everything involved with the transaction.

    The warm friendly manner in which we were taken care of is what we liked best about working with Monica. She always gave us the information about our questions in a timely manner. The job was very well done! Good service was provided to us!
    -Jerome G.

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